Workspace for Law Firms

Experience how easy it is to work web-based without Genese. Create addresses, create files or note deadlines and tasks – quickly and easily.

GConnect and EWS compatible

With Workspace you don’t have to do without our Outlook add-in or our API! This means that you benefit from all the functions available to you with a traditional Genese installation, while at the same time enjoying all the advantages of a web-based environment – a perfect symbiosis of both worlds.

Search function

The ease of Genese now in your web browser. Search for files, addresses and deadlines with the same efficiency as using modern search engines. Workspace makes searching for data a breeze.

100% web based

Immerse yourself in the future of digital files with our 100% web-based solution! Unlike classic on-premise installations, Genese Workspace offers maximum flexibility, seamless accessibility and the freedom to access your data from anywhere.

Document processing

By using WebDAV, GWeb documents can be opened and edited directly from the web portal, without the time-consuming steps of downloading and re-uploading.

File system

Manage domestic and international affairs with ease. Workspace allows you to create all types of files known to Genese (e.g. country files or dispute files) and offers the same functionality when managing addresses and addresses.

Individual templates (XSLT)

Not only do you automatically create deadlines and tasks, but you can also use our individual XSLT templates for tailor-made process processing. XSLT templates can be used to visually design the output format and to aggregate data from different parts of an XML document and present it in a new structure. – The new level for classic form letters!

Deadline management

Use the power of automation with Workspace. Not only create deadlines and tasks, but also connect these previously manual processes with Genese Workflows. A modern IP management portal that saves you time, relieves you of tasks and revolutionizes the way you work.

Rights management

Only grant users the access rights you need. From just reading to direct writing permission for uploading documents or creating files. As a key user, you have full control over your data and the associated correspondence with your clients.

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