GWeb for Business

Setzen Sie neue Maßstäbe in der Kommunikation zwischen den Patentabteilungen und Erfindern. Nutzen Sie die neue Möglichkeit schnell Daten (z. B. Erfinder-, Patent-, Gebrauchsmuster-, Designs- und Markenakten, Auswertungen, Dokumente) zur Verfügung zu stellen.

GWeb (IntraNet)

Set new standards in communication between your department and inventors. Use the new opportunity to quickly make data (e.g. inventor, patent, utility model, design and trademark files, evaluations, documents) available.

Invention disclosure

With the option to store customizable forms, you can e.g. Example: Inventors electronically record the information required for an invention disclosure. There is even provision for attaching descriptions, drawings and much more. Once the inventor has completed the form, he or she can send it directly to the patent department.

Decision-making management

In Genese you can create detailed product lists and thus tailor the protection of your innovative products precisely to their areas of application.No more time-consuming manual processes and redundant data sets – our user-friendly interface allows you to manage your IP portfolio and make it available to other departments with just a few clicks


Whether it’s about innovative ideas, product improvements or strategic decisions – with our user-friendly survey tool you can design questions intuitively and quickly gain valuable insights. Create targeted surveys to collect the opinions of your creative minds and broadly base decisions.

GWeb Office

By using WebDAV, GWeb documents can be opened and edited directly from the web portal, without the time-consuming steps of downloading and re-uploading.

Customizable GUI

No matter whether green or blue, simple or extravagant – regardless of your corporate identity. With the GWeb portal you can keep your desired design in the future. We are happy to implement your design preferences so that the portal integrates seamlessly into your homepage.

2-factor authentication

2-factor authentication is used to increase the security of web portals and minimize the risk of unauthorized access and data loss. This is particularly important when sensitive information, ideas worth protecting or personal data are stored on the platform.


With the ability to monitor and manage deadlines and costs for annual patent renewals, you not only minimize the risk of unintentional fee losses. You can also use the GWeb portal to make all relevant information available to other departments for viewing or further processing.

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