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for small and large law firms

can also be used in any patent department

for planning and administration

Including CMS

Discover our IP management software and optimize your IP portfolio like never before. Maximize the value of your intellectual property rights with our state-of-the-art technology. Our tool goes beyond simple management. It helps you strategically develop your intellectual property and drive innovation.

Software solution for law firms

Genese, as the IP management software in use, automates many time-consuming tasks, such as deadline monitoring and document management. This allows patent attorneys to optimize their workflows and have more time for strategic tasks.

Software solution for business

Managing and maintaining your property rights is one of the most important activities in your trade mark and patent department. Genese also offers you the option of using a forecast to generate a visually appealing hedge for your back office from your planned and actual costs.


Before, during and after the implementation of our IP management software, we offer first-class service, including expert consulting, 1-level as well as 2-level support, customized training and secure hosting. Your intellectual property rights are in the best hands.

"No more paperwork, hello to digital IP management."

Trust is the foundation of our interaction. It shapes our corporate culture.”

Our portfolio includes, in addition to the development of company-specific software applications and standard products, the associated services such as consulting, maintenance and training. In close cooperation, we accompany your projects throughout the entire life cycle.

What We Do?

Put an end to complicated spreadsheets and scattered documents. With our software, you effortlessly organize your IP portfolio in one place. Our software gives you the tools to protect your ideas and keep your edge.

How We Do It?

We achieve this through a customer-focused approach to innovation and our passion for the new. Our own development under one roof enables us to be highly agile.

What Helps Us?

Our long-standing priority has always been to offer you maximum added value. That is why we continue to work closely with renowned service providers. So you don't have to do without any of the programmes you already use in combination with Genese!

Everything you need for a modern
digital IP management.

At its core, our software is based on the principle of an agile “search engine”, which is used to filter and present the desired patents, trade marks or addresses. With just a few clicks, you can call up the bibliographic data of individual cases or display a complete patent family.

Email Management

Portfolio Management

Deadline Management

Invoice Generation

Accounting Forecast

Address Management

Right Management

Task Management


Our Partners

Our long-standing priority has always been to offer you the maximum added value. That’s why we cooperate closely with renowned service providers such as PAVIS, Clarivate and DATEV to ensure that you don’t have to cut any corners thanks to our interfaces.

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