On-Premise-Installation The power in your hands

With our IP management software, we offer you the opportunity to keep control directly in your company. Our on-premise installation allows you to run our powerful software on your own servers. This means maximum security, full control over your data and the flexibility your specific requirements demand. With this option, you retain control of your IP strategy while benefiting from our state-of-the-art software.

Maximum Data Security

Full Control Over Your IT Infrastructure

Adaptability To Specific Business Requirements

Cloud-based installation Powerful and flexible

Discover the benefits of a cloud-based installation of our IP management software. With integrations to platforms such as Azure or AWS, we offer you an agile solution that guarantees scalability and accessibility. You can access your data from anywhere and tailor your IP management to meet your needs. Our proven service in the cloud means you can focus on your core tasks while we manage the infrastructure.

Scalability and flexibility

Location-independent access

Professional server management

Hosting with Plutex Your data, our service

Our hosting partner Plutex offers you a smooth IP management software installation in a secure environment. You don’t have to worry about server management – we take care of that for you. The result? A powerful IP management solution without the hassle of infrastructure management. Rely on our expertise and focus on your business.

Professional server management

Relief from IT infrastructure tasks

Reliable service and support

Our Partners

Our long-standing priority has always been to offer you the maximum added value. That’s why we cooperate closely with renowned service providers such as PAVIS, Clarivate and DATEV to ensure that you don’t have to cut any corners thanks to our interfaces.

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