Genese for Business

Are you looking for a new software solution for managing your intellectual property rights? At Genese you will find the version tailored to your needs!

File Management

An integrated file management module in our IP management software enables patent attorneys to systematically organise and manage all relevant information and documents related to individual patent files. This leads to better clarity, more efficient processing of patent cases and precise tracking of case developments.


Genese evaluations enable you to do informed strategic planning, identify trends, monitor patent performance and improve decision-making in patent and IP rights management.

Document Management

The integrated DMS enables you to search for relevant documents more quickly, improves teamwork through efficient task distribution and promotes compliance with deadlines and legal requirements.

Deadline Management

Always have deadlines, dates for patent applications and renewals directly in view with Genese.  Genese offers you comprehensive monitoring through automatically generated deadlines and resubmissions. – Missing deadlines are thus a thing of the past.

Budget Forecast

Data already stored in Genese can be evaluated using predefined or specially adapted criteria. The application possibilities are almost unlimited and can be easily adapted to the specific requirements of your company. This way, you can keep track of your planned and actual costs and create a solid basis for your back office with the help of a visually appealing forecast.

Contract management

Genese Contract Management allows you to securely manage contracts throughout their lifecycle, from initial agreement to legal follow-up. Optimise your contract controlling by effortlessly monitoring dates and deadlines and use the integrated document management system in Genese to securely archive all relevant document

E-Mail Management

E-mails are an integral part of everyday office life, and here too Genese offers the ideal solution. Documents can be sent from Genese immediately after they are created or at a later time. Whether tables, pictures, reports or family reports – sending them is just as uncomplicated as receiving them. Genese automatically saves all incoming and outgoing emails in the document management to facilitate tracking and administration.

Inventor’s remuneration

Genese enables the creation of employee invention files and offers comprehensive mapping of the entire process, from invention disclosure to remuneration. You can define globally or process-specifically how remuneration is to be made and define individual scale tables if required.

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